Spreader Beams

… provide a great way to pick-up long products with Crane or Forklift by spreading the load across varying lifting points along a rigid support member.

1. Heavy Duty (lift by Crane)

Spreader Beam in unloaded state

a)  Description

This Spreader beam is specifically designed for use by Crane with heavier applications.

b)  Sizes

Available in a range of capacities up to 10 Tonnes and standard lengths from 2 metres up to 7 metres. (code HDSB_)

c)  Operation

This beam is supplied with 2 safety swivel hooks for lifting from any of the 5 standard lift positions along its length. It can be picked up by crane by using the centre lifting points or using the outer two lifting points at the ends.

2. Medium Duty (lift by Forklift or Crane)

a) Description

This Spreader Beam is designed for use by both Crane and Forklift.

b) Sizes

Available in a range of capacities up to 10 Tonnes and can be extended in length from 2.4 metres up to 3.9 metres. (code MDSB-C or MDSB-F)

c) Operation

This beam includes two (2) safety swivel hooks at its ends.for lifting. The load connection points are adjustable to three (3) positions by moving the extendable arms in or out and securing in position using the locking pins.

The beam itself my be lifted by forklift using the fitted tine pockets. Alternatively, it may be picked up by crane using the centre lifting point or the two outer lifting eyelets.

3. Definitions

a) Spreader Bar

Spreader Bar is simply a bar that is used to spread the underslung lifting sling points. The lifting bar only receives compressive forces along its length. Lifting of the bar is achieved through attaching slings on the upper side of the beam directly above the underslung lifting points. This style of lifting is generally performed by a crane.

b) Lifting Beam

Lifting Beam on the other hand is a much stronger section than the bar described above as it is designed to support underslung loads along its length regardless of whether there is a corresponding lifting poiint direcly above the beam. This usage requires that the beam is strong in bending and hence must have a larger moment of inertia (or sectional strength) compared to the Spreader Bar. This style of lifting may be performed by forklift or crane.

c) Spreader Beam

When compared to the above two definitions, this style of lifting device is essentially a combination of the two as it may be used to perform either lifting style.

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