1. What is a used Compactus?

A used Compactus is the brand name of one supplier’s version of used Compactor Shelving. The generic term used to describe this style of steel shelving is Mobile Shelving. The origins of this word may be of interest?

A used Compactus with six bays, front Cover Panels and lock.

2. Common sizes available

The common sizes we end up with in stock are:

  • Side Frames & Backs: 1875mm, 2175mm and 2375mm in height
  • Shelf lengths: 900mm and 1200mm
  • Shelf depths: 300mm, 400mm, 450mm and 600mm

The most common size is 2175mm high, with 900mm long shelves and 400mm deep shelves.

3. Availability

Whilst we regularly have second hand Compactus for sale, please contact us for availability.

4. Condition

We are quite particular with our stock and as a result only like to offer used Compactus for sale in very good condition.

5. FAQ

How long is a Compactus unit?

Compactus units may be designed to almost any length. These units are modular and by changing the number of bay modules they may be made up to any length.

6. More information

For more information on, please refer to our Compactor Shelving, Mobile Shelving, Steel Shelving and Second Hand Shelving pages within our Storage Equipment section.