1. What is a used Compactus?

A used mobile Compactus shelving unit is the brand name of one supplier’s version of a filing Storage Compactor system. Another generic term used to describe this style of steel shelving is Mobile Shelving. In general, Space Rescue typically have a good range of small, medium & large Compactus units available for sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

We also have Storage Compactors available in NEW.

A used Compactus unit with six bays, front Cover Panels and lock system.

2. Common sizes available

The most common sizes of used Compactus we end up with in stock are:

  • Uprights (or Side Frames) & Backs: 1875mm, 2175mm and 2375mm in height
  • Shelf lengths: 900mm and 1200mm
  • Shelf depths: 300mm, 400mm, 450mm and 600mm

The most common size is 2175mm high, with 900mm long shelves and 400mm deep shelves. Filing applications predominantly use 300mm and 400mm deep shelves.

3. Availability

Whilst we regularly have second hand filing Compactus systems for sale, please contact us for specific availability.

4. Condition of Compactus

We are quite particular with our stock and as a result only like to offer used Compactus storage units for sale complete with shelving in very good condition.

5. FAQ

How much does a Compactus cost?

Our second hand Compactus units start at $1750 + GST for the supply of a small three bay unit in good condition and working order. Additional costs apply to both delivery and installation. Please also refer to our Storage Compactors for new pricing.

How long is a Compactus unit?

Design of these modular units to almost any length is possible. They can be made up to any length by changing the number of bay modules.

How do you move a Compactus?

Moving a Compactus is by manual handle, mechanical wheel or an electric drive motor. Each drive method enables movement of a mobile bay section, also known as a mobile stack.

What size is the Compactus?

The most common size of a Compactus is 2175mm high, 900mm wide and 2600mm long. The depth is another name for the width of the Compactus unit. Other sizes are available with the length being dependent on the number of bays and the shelf depth, the height being dependent on the upright used, while the depth being dependent on the shelf length plus number of bays joined together in the aisle direction.

What is the depth of the Compactus?

This term is often confused with the depth of the shelving used within. The depth of the Compactus actually refers to the distance from the front of the unit to the rear.

6. Colours of 2nd Hand Compactus Shelving

While, the most common colour we tend to carry is Light Grey, Off White colors are also common.

7. Problems

Undoubtedly, there are a number of problems that one can experience with a second hand Compactus storage unit. Firstly, the most common problem that effects the operation is when the wheel bearings in the runners make it difficult to open and close the unit.

Secondly, the next most common issue that effects the operation is with bent shelves. Some operators try to climb the shelving like a ladder for example. In short, the shelves are not designed for high point loads and will buckle if overloaded.

Another common issue is with locks that become stuck.

Finally, minor issues are due to scratching of the paint surfaces and dents in the Cover Panels.

8. More information

In addition to our 2nd Hand Compactus units, you may also be interested in our NEW Storage Compactors or Mobile Shelving units.

Finally, is Steel Shelving, Second Hand Shelving, Pallet Racking, Second Hand Pallet Racking, Longspan Shelving within our range of storage equipment of interest?

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