Welcome to the home of Space Rescue.Space Rescue are available for storage solution

Space Rescue can design and implement your ideal Storage Solution.

Storage Solution experts with Mezzanine Floors, Pallet Racking, Steel Shelving and Storage Compactor … for warehouse, factory or office.

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors

Are you running out of floor space?

Would you like to add more working area to your existing premises to save you the hassle and cost of moving?

A Mezzanine Floor may just be precisely what you need!

Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking

Is you your floor area starting to become cramped and cluttered?

Would you like to improve the organisation of your warehouse?

Have you considered Pallet Racking as a solution?

Steel Shelving

Steel Shelving

Are you having trouble finding things?

Would you like to declutter and improve your organisation.

Our Steel Shelving may be just what you need right now?

Storage Compactor

Storage Compactor

Have you run out of storage space?

Would you prefer not to have to use off site storage?

Compactor Shelving may just be the product you need to create even more storage within a particular area.


Space Rescue recognise that an improvement in your storage solution is an important step for both your business and the people working within it.

Clarity in what you have is important as it helps you determine what is needed and what isn’t.

Being organised helps you focus on the right things and move forward faster.

Creating more space is important is important as it helps you think more clearly and clears the way for prioritising.

Finding ways to save both time and your bottom line brings a lot of satisfaction.

Moreover, we believe that you will certainly enjoy the feeling an improved storage solution will create for you.