Our steel workbench available for sale is a medium-duty workbench with extra storage available in the form of either drawers or shelves. It is ideally suited for either light- to medium-duty industrial, garage, or DIY usage. This workshop workbench can be made mobile with the addition of castors or wheels.

A pallet rack workbench is also available that is made from pallet racking materials.

1. Steel Workbench Standard (SWS)

The SWS is a two-tier medium-duty steel workbench with one under-bench shelf and a benchtop.

2-Tier dark grey Steel Workbench with bottom shelf

a) Bench Heights

The two standard bench heights are:

  • 900mm
  • 1000mm

b) Beam Lengths

The beam lengths listed below contribute directly to the overall length of the bench. The overall length is calculated by adding the beam length plus 60mm for every frame required. Longer benches are easily created by joining two or more bays together. For example, a two-bay workbench using 900mm plus 1200mm beams would require three frames. It’s overall length would be 60mm + 900mm + 60mm + 1200mm + 60mm = 2300mm.

  • 900mm
  • 1200mm
  • 1500mm
  • 1800mm
  • 2100mm
  • 2400mm

c) Bench Depths

  • 460mm
  • 600mm
  • 900mm
  • 1200mm

2. Steel Workbench Overhead (SWO)

The SWO is a four-tier medium-duty workbench. It has three additional shelves for storage: one under-bench shelf plus two overhead shelves.

4-Tier dark grey Steel Workbench with bottom shelf and two upper shelves

a) Bench and Overhead Shelf Heights

  • 900mm or 1000mm (bench)
  • 2000mm (top overhead shelf)

b) Bench Length

The beam lengths listed below contribute directly to the overall bench length. Please refer to the SWS above for an explanation and an example of how to calculate the overall bench length.

  • 900mm
  • 1200mm
  • 1500mm
  • 1800mm
  • 2000mm
  • 2400mm

c) Bench and Shelf Depth

i) Benchtops and Underbench Shelf Depths

Options include:

  • 460mm
  • 600mm
  • 900mm
  • 1200mm

ii) Overhead Shelf Depth

  • 460mm
  • 600mm

3. Shelf materials for benchtops and storage shelves

The benchtops and shelves are readily available in particleboard sheet, zinc-plated steel mesh decks, and galvanised steel panels for your steel workbench. Please note that the mesh decks and galvanised panels are not available for a 1200mm depth. Please refer to the three pictures of these options below.

Particleboard option.
Particleboard Shelves
Zinc-plated steel mesh option.
Steel Mesh Shelves
Flat steel panel option.
Steel Panel Shelves

In addition to these, you may prefer to source your own alternative, such as MDF boards or melamine boards. In this case, we would simply quote the supporting steel structure consisting of the frames and beams.

4. Steel Workbench with Drawers

There is also the option of adding steel drawers to your workshop workbench if you need additional storage.

The drawers are designed to suit both 600mm and 900mm deep steel workbenches. Furthermore, they are easily fitted to the underside of the workshop workbench or an under-bench shelf. Lastly, to fit, you only require a 4mm hex key. Please find some specifications below.

Width: overall 600mm, internal 555mm
Depth: overall 600mm, internal 535mm
Height: overall 192mm, internal 110mm
Capacity: the maximum loading capacity is 20kg per drawer.

Steel Workbench with three dark grey drawers.

Shown in the picture above is a drawer, 600mm wide, fitted to long-span beams. Up to three drawers may be fitted within this space if 1800mm beam lengths are used.

5. Workbench on Wheels

Another great option is the ability to create a portable DIY steel workbench with the addition of medium-duty castor wheels.

Firstly, the wheel is polyurethane, and the castor’s frame uses galvanised steel. Secondly, the castor’s wheel is 100mm in diameter. Thirdly, the capacity of the castor is 100kg. Finally, each castor adds approximately 130mm to the height of the DIY workbench on wheels.

Options include:

  • either braked or non-braked.
  • either swivel or fixed
  • either 4-bolt or single bolt fixing to the baseplate
Braked swivel castor fitted to leg.

Pictures of 4-bolt braked swivel castors as viewed from the front and rear.

6. Options and Accessories for the Steel Workbench

a) Board supports… add extra strength to the shelf and are available for either 900mm or 1200mm depths.
b) Extra shelves: Additional under-bench shelves are also available if required.
c) Splashbacks: Please specifically advise if you require a splashback.
d) Louvred Panels, Hooks, and Bins. Please also advise if you would like to create a hanging feature for the storage of tools and other hardware.

7. Similar products to our steel workbench

We also have a range of long-span shelving, storage compactors, steel shelving, mezzanine floors, second-hand shelving, pallet racking, compactus units, cantilever racking, and pallet rack workbenches that may also be of interest.

8. Availability and Delivery

Finally, Space Rescue is able to supply and deliver a steel workbench for sale from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth to anywhere in Australia. Also, you may choose to collect from us.