1. What is a Container Ramp?

A forklift Container Ramp is an essential tool for providing safe and efficient access to a shipping container. The ramp enables a forklift to load or unload. Ramps are available for containers resting on the or elevated on truck or trailer.

A yellow Container Ramp with side guides positioned at the entrance of a Shipping Container

Space Rescue have 7 different styles of Shipping Container Ramps to suit a variety of applications.

A number of Container Loading Ramp options are available each differing in size (length, width & height) and capacity …

i)    Compact … 7 Tonne
ii)   Standard … 8 Tonne
iii)  Guide … 8 or 12 Tonne
iv)  Long … 8 or 12 Tonne
v)   Reefer (or Refrigerated) … 8 Tonne
vi)  Portable … 500 kg to 2500 kg
vii)  Yard / Truck … 8 Tonne

2. Compact Ramp (CCR)

Our Compact Ramp is the most cost effective and popular forklift container ramp in our range. It provides forklift access to shipping containers. by bridging into standard 10 ft, 20 ft and 40 ft containers from ground level. A forklift is required to move this ramp. Access is using the tine pockets located at the front of the ramp.


  • 2200mm wide o/a
  • 2100mm wide ramp surface
  • 1260mm length
  • 180kg (approx) unit weight
  • 7000kg (7 Tonne) safe working load

A short orange access plate with safety chain & hook

3. Standard Container Ramp (SCR)

Our Standard Ramp is designed with a flip over extension footing and is used for bridging into standard shipping containers from ground level. This ramp can be easily relocated by forklift.

Lifting holes become accessible to a forklift’s tines when the footing has been folded over.


  • 2200mm wide
  • 2000mm long
  • 275 kg unit weight
  • 8000 kg (8 Tonnes) safe working load

A bi-fold yellow access plate with a forklift driving up it

4. Guide Container Ramp (GCR)

Our Guide Ramp has safety side guides to help keep the forklift on the ramp. This ramp has the advantage of being able to be positioned quickly and easily within confined areas. This is achieved with fork pockets on either side plus front flip-ups providing the flexibility to move it into areas with limited space.


  • 2320mm wide
  • 1800mm length
  • 440kg unit weight
  • 8000kg (8 Tonne) safe working load … Option 1
  • 12,000kg (12 Tonne, Heavy Duty) safe working load … Option 2

A silver coloured guide access plate being placed in to position by a forklift

5. Long Container Ramp (LCR)

Our Long Ramp has an overall length of 3 metres that includes a 1.5m long flat horizontal area directly in front of the container opening.  The horizontal section enables the forklift to enter the shipping container on a level surface. This permits easy placement and removal of the first and second row of pallets in a container. Fork pockets on both sides plus front flip-up tine pockets provide two options for lifting this ramp by forklift.


  • 2320mm wide
  • 3000mm long
  • 600kg unit weight
  • 8000kg (8 Tonne) safe working load … Option 1
  • 12,000kg (12 Tonne) safe working load … Option 2

A silver coloured long ramp with side guides and fitted with safety chains and hooks

6. Reefer Container Ramp (RCR)

An Adapter Infill piece (pictured) plus a Ramp piece make up the Reefer Container Ramp. This ramp provides access in to the higher 235mm stepped Reefer Container. Standard 20 foot and 40 foot long Containers only have a step height of 145mm.


  • 2000mm wide o/a
  • 1454mm long
  • 8000kg safe working load

A yellow ramp infill piece with safety chain & hook

7. Portable Container Ramp (PCR)

The Portable Container Ramp is made out of Aluminium. It has two handles each side making it very easy to carry and move in to position. They are designed to provide easy access in to the Standard 20 foot and 40 foot long Shipping Containers with a Pallet Truck or trolley.


  • 1200mm wide
  • 1800mm long
  • 500kg up to 2500kg safe working load options
  • 30 kg approx. unit weight (for the 500kg capacity option)

A silver coloured portable ramp

7. Yard Container Ramp (YCR)

In some instances a shipping container is not unloaded from a truck and is left on the trailer. To unload the shipping container by forklift in this position a special type of ramp is used. This ramp is called a Yard Container Ramp.

This ramp removes the need for a side loader and for a suitable location to unload the container.


  1. manual hydraulic lifting making it quick and easy to get the ramp operational in the yard without the need for electrical power
  2. large pneumatic tyres make it easy to move this ramp in to position
  3. this ramp has a folding tail and when used makes the ramp shorter and more compact
  4. a flat deck area to make it easier to unload pallets closest to the door.

Specifications for the Yard Container Ramp

  • 2100mm wide
  • 10,300mm long
  • 1,100mm high
  • 8000 kg safe working load

A grey coloured ramp with yellow sides attached to a shipping container that is sitting on semi-trailer truck

8. Features of our Container Ramps

There are various aspects and elements within different Container Ramps styles. Here are some of them.

a) Gussets 

Welding gussets on the underside of the ramp to improves the strength of the tread surface plate

b) Raised Side Plates 

Raised Side Plates prevent a forklift from driving off the side of the ramp. Welding the plates to the ramp secures them in position.

c) Securing Loops 

Welding Securing Loops at the container end enable the use of safety chains to prevent the ramp from being dislodged or slipping away from its position against the container edge.

d) Lifting Points

Lifting Points enable a forklift to lift, transport and place the ramp in to position at the entrance of the container. A variety exist including flip-up tine brackets, front cut-outs and side entry channels. Some ramps have multiple lifting points for added convenience and flexibility.

e) Two-Piece Folding 

Thie feature makes it possible to fold the ramp. This makes it more compact for transport and storage. Hand grip loops are provided on the side of the front footing folding piece for this purpose.

f) Angled Top Entry Lips 

Angled Top Entry Lips provide a smooth transition from the ramp to the internal base of the container. Another feature of this Top Entry Lip is that it is self-levellng.

g) Horizontal Sections 

Horizontal Sections exist on our longer ramps and enable easier retrieval and placement of pallets at the very front of the container.

Typically pallets close to the container doors are harder to access with a sloped ramp as the forklift’s tines will also be on an angle whilst the forklift is on the ramp unless the machine is fitted with a mast tilt.

h) Self Levelling Lip

 The Self Levelling Lip feature allows for full load capacity when on slightly uneven ground.

9. Other Product

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10. Availability

Space Rescue have plenty of Container Ramp for sale.