1. What is long-span shelving?

Longspan shelving has a similar design to industrial pallet racking. It specifically consists of end frames, beams, and shelves, which are available in a variety of shelf materials. You will find it used in industrial environments as it has a larger shelf range and is typically stronger than other styles of office shelving. Our Longspan Shelving suits both small and large bulky products alike due to its long spans, deep shelves, and open-style racking design. Space Rescue is a supplier of longspan shelving for sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.

A three-bay run of longspan shelving with four board shelf levels per bay.

2. Dimensions and Sizes

Space Rescue is a longspan shelving supplier with a large range of sizes. Indeed, a variety of frame heights, bay widths, and shelf depths make long-span shelving suitable for almost any location.

a) Shelving Frame Heights

In particular, options for the frame height include:

  • 900mm overall
  • 1000mm overall
  • 2000mm overall
  • 2400mm overall
  • 3000mm overall
  • 3600mm overall
  • 4000mm overall

[Note: Also, these shelving frames can be cut to any height if required.]

b) Shelving Bay Widths

Equally important, options for clear bay widths include:

  • 900mm
  • 1200mm
  • 1500mm
  • 1800mm
  • 2100mm
  • 2400mm

c) Shelving Depths

Furthermore, options for shelving depths include:

  • 460mm
  • 600mm
  • 900mm
  • 1200mm

3. Examples of Longspan Shelving Bay Sizes

The following has a pictorial and descriptive example of a starter bay and add-on bay sizes.

a) Starter Bay

Below is a dimensioned pictorial example, specifically of a Longspan Starter Bay 2000mm high, 600mm deep, and using 1800mm long beams.

A dimensioned sketch of a Longspan Starter Bay example.

b) Add-On Bay

Below is a dimensioned pictorial example, specifically of a Longspan Shelving Add-On Bay 2000mm high, 600mm deep, and using 1800mm long beams.

A dimensioned sketch of a Longspan Shelving Add-on Bay example.

4. Specifications

a) Lengths

The overall length of a single run of industrial longspan shelving may be determined by adding 60mm per frame to the open beam measurements. This will yield the overall length of the shelving run.

b) Materials

The choice of shelf materials is, as has been noted below:

  • Board
  • Mesh Decks
  • Steel Decking

Note: Mesh and steel decking are not specifically available in a 1200mm shelf (or frame) depth.

c) Finishes

Firstly, posts and beams have a dark grey powder-coat paint finish. On the other hand, all frame bracing, baseplates (or feet), and hardware have a zinc-plated finish.

5. Longspan Shelf Applications

This type of heavy-duty shelving is surprisingly versatile due to its clean, open design, longer spans, and variety of greater depths.

Longspan shelving suits a variety of applications, including warehouses, garages, and factories, as well as retail and office environments, and in particular on mezzanine floors and in shipping containers.

It can also be found in office back rooms storing archive boxes and other paraphernalia, or in home garages acting as heavy-duty shelving.

6. Availability and Delivery

While all styles of longspan shelving for sale are stocked and available for sale from our capital city warehouses, we also distribute to all regional areas and towns.

7. Other Products

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