A Pallet Rack Workbench is a heavy duty work bench with storage that can be made mobile and used in workshop and industrial applications. These workbenches are designed to provide a strong and durable work surface while maximizing space utilization in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other similar settings. Space Rescue have two main types of Pallet Rack Workbenches for sale from our Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth warehouses.

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1. Pallet Rack Workbench Standard (PRS)

The PRS is a two tier, workshop, heavy duty workbench for sale with one underbench shelf. It can also be supplied as Mobile Pallet Rack Workbench.

Two tier blue and orange Pallet Racking Workbench made from heavy duty Pallet Racking materials.

a) Bench Heights

The standard heavy duty workbench height is 920mm to the bench surface.

b) Beam & Overall Bench Lengths

The beam lengths listed below contribute directly to the overall length of the Pallet Rack Work Bench. The overall length is calculated by adding the beam lengths plus 90mm for every frame required. Longer benches are easily created by joining two or more bays together. For example, a two bay workbench using 1372mm plus 1524mm beams would require 3 frames. It’s overall length would be 90mm + 1372mm + 90mm + 1524mm + 90mm = 3166mm.

  • 1372mm
  • 1524mm
  • 1829mm
  • 2133mm
  • 2438mm
  • 2591mm
  • 2743mm
  • 3048mm
  • 3350mm
  • 3658mm
  • 3810mm
  • 4267mm

c) Bench Depths

  • 609mm
  • 838mm
  • 1219mm

2. Pallet Racking Workbench Overhead (PRO)

The PRO is is a four tier, industrial, workshop, heavy duty workbench for sale. In addition to the benchtop, it has three additional storage shelves; one underbench shelf and two overhead shelves.

Four tier blue and orange Pallet Racking Workbench made from Pallet Racking materials.

a) Bench & Overhead Shelf Heights

  • 920mm (benchtop)
  • 1825mm (top overhead shelf)

b) Bench & Overall Bench Lengths

The beam lengths listed below contribute directly to the overall Pallet Rack Bench length. Please refer above to the PRS for an explanation and an example of how to calculate the overall bench length.

  • 1327mm
  • 1524mm
  • 1829mm
  • 2133mm
  • 2438mm
  • 2591mm
  • 2743mm
  • 3048mm
  • 3350mm
  • 3658mm
  • 3810mm
  • 4267mm

c) Bench and Shelf Depth

i) Benchtop & Underbench Shelf Depths

  • 609mm overall
  • 838mm overall

ii) Overhead Shelf Depth

  • 415mm overall

3. Add castors to make a mobile workbench

You may choose to add “a set of wheels”, that is castors; to allow you to move your industrial workbench around for example. These castors work especially well on smooth, clean concrete floors.

In summary, there is a choice of swivel or fixed, braked and non-braked in our range of six castors. The addition of a brake is undoubtedly a handy safety feature to encourage your mobile pallet racking workbench to stay put.

Furthermore, there are several different types of baseplates depending on whether you wish to mount the castors using 4 bolts or just a single bolt. Some of these castors are also compatible with our industrial Steel Workbenches.

Another factor to consider is the load to be applied to the mobile pallet racking workbench. Within this castor range, three castors are rated at the 100kg per castor whilst the other three are rated at 300kg per castor.

Lastly, the wheel material is red in colour and made from polyurethane. The diameter varies according to the capacity. The medium duty castor (100kg capacity) has a 100mm diameter wheel (and 30mm wide) whilst the heavy duty castors have a 125mm diameter wheel (and 50mm width).

Six different Workbench Castors with red wheels.

4. Finishes

Pallet Rack Workbenches are quite durable in performance and finish. Moreover, the frames (or vertical components) use pre-galvanised steel, giving them a silver appearance due to the Zinc finish. Additionally, the Beams (horizontal members) feature a powder coat enamel paint finish, presenting an orange color that offers a smart contrast with the frames.

5. Strength

The Pallet Rack Workbench is made from Pallet Racking materials. It is a very strong bench for a number of reasons.

Firstly the components that form the skeleton of these units are all made out of steel.

Secondly, cold rolling with a number of folds forms these components. The nature of the fold is that it it improves the stiffness of a steel section and improves its buckling characteristics.

Thirdly, the front to back rigidity is second to none due to the incorporation of a truss like support frame in lieu of simple posts.

Finally, the left to right stability and the load carrying capacity of the bench itself is not just due to the steel materials used but also the inherent strength of the Pallet Racking beam to frame connection.

6. Benefits

The main benefits of this style of bench is the variety of sizes, versatility, modularity and strength.

a) Variety of sizes

Similar to it’s big brother Pallet Racking, there are many off the shelf sizes available in both the frames and beams to make an array of different sizes.

b) Versatility

As outlined in the Usage section, there are lots of different accessories available to change the style and functionaility. For example, with the simple addition of castors, you can create a mobile workbench.

c) Modularity

Modularity of components allows for easy addition of beam levels and extra bays to change the configuration and purpose of the bench.

7. Pallet Racking Workbench Options and Accessories

a)  Board Supports … add extra strength to the shelf and are available for 838mm and 1219mm deep shelves
b)  Benchtops and Shelves … some benchtops and shelves are available in either Particleboard, MDF Board, Mesh, Melamine or Steel
c)  Extra Shelves … you may also add in extra shelves if needed
d)  Splashbacks … please advise if you specifically require a splashback fitted to your Pallet Rack Workbench
e)  Louvred Panels, Hooks and Bins … please also advise if you would like to create a hanging feature for the storage of tools and other hardware
f) Castors … you may also like to include and select from our range of castors described above

8. Usage

A variety of industrial and commercial settings use Pallet Rack Workbenches. They are versatile workstations. Here are some common uses for pallet racking workbenches:

  • Assembly work: provide a sturdy and stable work surface for assembling products or components.
  • Packaging: used to package products or prepare them for shipping.
  • Workcells: suitable for the creation of individual manual workcells
  • Inspection and testing: used to inspect and test products or components.
  • Maintenance and repair: provide a stable work surface for performing maintenance and repair tasks on machinery and equipment. A mobile workbench would be useful in this application.
  • Material handling: they create a staging area for incoming or outgoing materials can be
  • Storage: they store tools, equipment, and supplies
  • Quality control: suitable for use as a dedicated workspace for quality control inspections for example
  • Laboratory work: Pallet Rack Workbenches are suitable for use in laboratory settings, providing a clean, stable work surface for example
  • Food preparation: these workbenches are suitable for food preparation and processing with food-grade surfaces
  • Workshop workbenches provide a space for cutting, fixing and cleaning for example
  • Artisanal work: suitable for use by artisans such as woodworkers, metalworkers, and jewellers, providing a sturdy surface for their craft.

In summary, these are just a selection of unlimited examples illustrating their many uses. Of course, their versatility makes them a valuable addition to any industrial or commercial setting.

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10. Delivery of our Pallet Racking Workbench

Lastly, our Pallet Racking Workbenches for sale can be delivered to regularly serviced areas and towns including the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Newcastle, Canberra, Wollongong, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Albury, Wodonga and Bunbury.