1. Overview

Space Rescue have a range of good condition Steel Shelving, Longspan Shelving, Coolroom Shelving and Pallet Racking available.

Pallets of light grey and silver coloured Second Hand Metal Shelving.

Steel Shelving, pictured above, is one shelving style that is more readily available from our 2nd Hand Shelving range than others.

Metal Shelving covers both commercial and industrial applications. Industrial Shelving is a subset of the metal shelving range.

2. Second Hand Steel Shelving

This is also known as Office Shelving, RUT Shelving (Rolled Edge Type) and RET Shelving (Rolled Edge Type).

a) Sizes

The most component sizes in stock are:

Heights … End Frames and Backing Sheets

  • 1875mm
  • 2175mm … most common
  • 2375mm

Lengths … Shelves & Backing Sheets

  • 900mm
  • 1200mm

Depths … End Frames and Shelves

  • 300mm
  • 400mm

b) Colours

The most common colours available are light grey and off white.

c) Brands

Space Rescue has a good range of Used Metal Shelving. We like to be able to offer a large variety in very good condition in all of the major brands. These include Dexion, Colby, APC and Brownbuilt.

d) New condition

You may also wish to refer to our new Steel Shelving range.

3. Second Hand Longspan Shelving

For more information on, please refer to our Longspan Shelving page and Compactor Shelving page within our Storage Equipment section.

4. Second Hand Longspan Racking

This style of shelving refers to longer bay spans and is either made out of Longspan Shelving or Pallet Racking materials. Traditionally, the heights for the upper shelves are relatively low.

The shelves themselves often consist of metal decks made out of sheet steel or steel mesh.

Please refer to the above two links within this section for more information.

5. FAQ

What is Second Hand Shelving?

Second Hand Shelving refers to any type of used shelving. It includes Steel Shelving, Coolroom Shelving, Dunnage Shelving, Longspan Shelving and Pallet Racking.

What is the most common type of Used Shelving available?

The most common type of used shelving available is Steel Shelving.

What condition is your Second Hand Shelving in?

For the benefit of our customers and our reputation, Space Rescue likes to sell only good condition materials.

6. Similar Products

You may also be ineterested in our Used Compactus or Compactor Shelving, Used Metal Shelving and Used Pallet Racking pages within our Storage Equipment.

7. Availability

Please check with us for availability of Second Hand Shelving for sale. Our stock levels are constantly changing.