1. What is Vertical Racking?

Vertical Racking stores long lengths of product in a vertical orientation. Common examples of products stored include timber, pipe, Aluminium extrusions and conduit.

An empty bay of Vertical Racking with blue frames and orange cross beams

2. Composition of a Vertical Racking System

a) ‘A’ Frames

‘A’ Frames consist of two vertical posts with one or both sloped. Sloping posts within an ‘A’ Frame enable the creation of a sloping surface to which products lean against.

b) Horizontal Beams

A horizontal beam acts as the support arm and is the component that the stored product leans against. The horizontal beams attach to the front leaning post of the supporting frames. They provide rigidity and strength to the structure. In the case of double-sided racks, all horizontal beams act as the support surface.

c) Arm Dividers

Arm dividers separate different products across the sloped surface. Therefore they attach to the horizontal beams.

d) Guide Channels

Guide Channels assist in providing a defined support footprint and floor anchoring point to tie the rack down. Similar to Pallet Racking, this structure only requires anchoring to the ground.

e) Floor Stop

The Floor Stop provides a barrier on the floor to stop product slipping on the floor.

3. Configurations of Vertical Racking

Vertical Rack structures may vary by bay height, bay length and horizontal spacing between arm dividers.

They may also be configured as single or double sided structures.

4. Safety Features of your Vertical Storage Rack

A safety feature of this rack is the incorporation of a front stop. As the name suggests, it helps prevent the goods from sliding forward and potentially falling out of the rack.

5. Sizes of Vertical Racking

[Note: Standard sizes are listed below though other sizes are available]

Bay Heights: 3.658m and 6.096m
Bay Lengths: 1372mm and 2591mm
Arm Divider: 600mm long

6. Example

A Vertical Pipe Racking system is a common example of this product.

7. Similar Products to a Vertical Storage Rack

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8. Availability

Space Rescue have Vertical Racking for sale in all major cities and regional areas around Australia.