Storage Cabinets with two yellow mesh lockable doors with either black or grey coloured carcass and five adjustable shelves.

1. Description

A Storage Cabinet is typically used for storing items in a secure manner.

2. Specifications for steel Storage Cabinet

a) Size of this Lockable Cupboard

The overall size for this cabinet is 1850mm High x 900mm Wide x 450mm Deep.

b) Shelf Storage Levels

This locking cupboard has 6 storage levels made up of the base plus 5 adjustable steel shelves.

c) Shelf Capacity

This sturdy metal storage cupboard can handle up to 50kg UDL (uniformly distributed load) per shelf. There are a variety of options depending upon the usage, the type of space available, visibility required and the products to be stored.

d) Double Doors of this Storage Cabinet

This lockable metal cupboard has mesh double doors fitted to it . The mesh provides visibility in to the cabinet so that at a glance the user can quickly determine what stock or product is available.

e) Lockable and secure Industrial Cabinet

A uniquely keyed lock is fitted in to the doors of this secure lockable storage cabinet. They are not easy to break in to.

f) Colour scheme

Available with either graphite ripple or light grey sides, backs and shelves with yellow mesh doors.

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4. FAQ

How many doors do your Storage Cabinets have?

Two doors.

5. Availability

Space Rescue have reasonable stock of Storage Cabinet for sale across Australia.