Space Rescue is a supplier of both new and used industrial steel shelving (also known as RUT shelving) for sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. There is a choice of either a painted, metal, or stainless finish. While you will find this style of shelving in many commercial applications, you will also find it in many industrial applications, such as warehouses, kitchens, and factories, for example.

Were you looking for storage compactors or a used compactus?

Three double-sided runs of grey coloured Steel Shelving, each 6 bays long.

1. Sizes

Steel shelving specifically consists of solid steel uprights (or frames), solid backs, adjustable shelves, kickplates, and hardware. Below is an outline of the sizes available, both new and used, to suit the products stored and the particular application.

a) Upright heights

1875mm, 2175mm, and 2375mm are also available, while shorter or taller custom heights are available upon request.

b) Bay widths (a.k.a. shelf length)

750mm, 900mm, 1000mm, and 1200mm are also available.

c) Shelf depths (a.k.a. shelf width)

300mm, 400mm, 450mm, and 600mm are also available.

2. Parts Trays

There are a number of sizes of parts trays (with dividers) to suit the various shelf depths in RET shelving.

As you can see in the picture below, they have a handy little back stop that assists the user in placing the parts trays in a sloping position to make it easy to see and access what is inside. It also prevents the parts tray from falling out of the shelving.

Blue coloured Parts Trays fitted within Steel Shelving.

3. Office Shelving

Three other terms used to describe this style of shelving are office shelving, ”Mantova” stainless steel shelving, and ”Brownbuilt” shelving. The storage of files is the most common use in an office. The addition of dress panels makes it more attractive and suitable for both front office and showroom applications.

4. RUT Shelving

Similarly, a less common name used for steel shelving is RUT shelving, where R.U.T. refers to rolled upright type (shelving). The reference to ”rolled” is due to the rounded front edge of the upright frame.

Both industrial and commercial applications commonly use RUT shelving. Also commonly found in both commercial (including retail) and industrial applications is long-span shelving. While RUT shelving only uses a steel shelf, longspan shelving has more shelf material options, such as steel mesh shelves.

5. Industrial Steel Shelving

Steel shelving is just one style within the umbrella that covers industrial steel shelving.

Industrial shelving refers to any shelving type that can be used in an industrial environment, such as a warehouse, factory, or industrial unit.

Industrial shelving includes a range of shelving types used in not only industrial but also commercial applications.

Other types include pallet rack shelving and long-span shelving, as well as coolroom shelving, gondola shelving, rivet shelving, and wire shelving. Furthermore, the applications referred to above are warehouses, factory units, coolrooms, kitchens, and factories.

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7. FAQ

Are the shelves adjustable?

Yes, the intermediate shelves are adjustable both up and down as they sit on shelf clips. Bolted in place are the top and bottom shelves. These shelves are not adjustable.

Is assembly available?

Yes, we can arrange to have your shelving assembled.

Are custom sizes available?

Yes, we can provide custom frame heights.

Do you carry shelving dividers?

Yes, we are able to provide wire file racks.

Does steel shelving need to be fixed to the wall or floor?

As recommended in AS 2143-1978, Industrial and Commercial Steel Shelving, any height-to-depth ratio that exceeds 6:1 must have either a fixing bracket or brace to secure the shelving to either the floor, wall, adjacent run, or across the aisle to other shelving. This is a mandatory safety requirement to reduce the risk of slender shelving runs toppling over. For example, a 2175mm high run with 400mm deep shelves has a height-to-depth ratio of 5.43 and would not need to be secured. On the other hand, a 2175mm high run with 300mm deep shelves has a height-to-depth ratio of 7.25 and would need to be secured with a bracket or brace.

8. Availability

While Space Rescue carries stock in our capital city warehouses, delivery is available for our steel shelving for sale all over Australia, including other areas and towns, for example.