A mezzanine floor is used to take advantage of the usable high space within the confines of an existing building, such as in an industrial warehouse. Like most Australian capital cities, land in the Sydney basin has become quite expensive, impacting both commercial and domestic buildings alike. Rather than looking for larger premises, it is becoming more prevalent for businesses to invest in mezzanine flooring. Space Rescue are builders of mezzanine floors in Sydney, Newcastle, Maitland, and the Central Coast.

A picture of a blue structural mezzanine floor.

1. Benefits of a Mezzanine Floor

a) Speedy solution for space issues

Mezzanines Floors are considered a rather fast solution to space problems. This is in comparison to the time and challenges involved relocating to larger premises in Sydney. Our raised floors can be quickly fabricated and prepared ready for installation. We do most of the careful planning and hard work upfront, so the time on site erecting the floor is greatly reduced. This enables our customers to get up and running with their additional space options in a relatively short period of time.

b) Open areas under your floor

One of the great benefits of a mezzanine floor is the flexibility provided through careful design. If you require specifically sized clear areas under your floor, we can strategically design with larger spans and fewer posts. This option enables our customers to maximise the potential of the available space on the ground underneath the mezzanine.

c) Improve the functionality of your Sydney site

Extra floor space will bring you a whole host of new possibilities. When you consider adding partitioning above or below your floor, you can easily create a break room, a despatch office, or a meeting room. On the other hand, you may simply need more floor area for pallet storage or perhaps you would like to add steel shelving for your growing inventory requirement.

2. Features

  • Able to be designed to suit almost any load rating (e.g. 700 kg/m2)
  • Designed specifically for your proposed warehouse space
  • You can choose the post positions, floor height and clearance under your floor
  • Conforms with Australian standards
  • Mezzanines manufactured and fabricated locally in Sydney using high-strength Australian steels
  • Engineering certificates available for all floors
  • Options for staircases, guardrail, access pallet gates and more

3. Other Products

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