A mezzanine floor is a convenient and cost-effective way to add more space for storage, personnel, rooms, and offices for those businesses with a warehouse. Land prices in Melbourne often feature in the decision making when selecting a new site or if considering relocating. Interestingly, the addition of mezzanine flooring provides more property choice including allowing you to defer the need to move. The reason for this is because it is possible to rent, purchase or stay at a less expensive commercial site with a smaller ground floor footprint. The total floor area can then easily be increased by adding an elevated floor. Space Rescue build mezzanine floors in Melbourne, Geelong and the surrounding metropolitan industrial areas.

A picture of a black structural mezzanine floor.

1. Advantages of a Mezzanine Floor

a) Dramatic improvement in space

The addition of a single-tier floor can effectively increase the floor space within the footprint that the mezzanine sits above by up to 100%. The option to easily double the floor space is quite an advantage to business. This is especially true for those growing businesses that are bursting at the seams with stock stored inefficiently in aisles and no room to take on additional staff.

b) Greater spans under your floor

Working with structural steel has several advantages when it comes to the design of mezzanine floors. One benefit is the ability to place posts further apart and therefore reducing obstructions. This is possible when you increase the size and strength of the supporting beams. Clearer areas offer more convenience and more flexibility in what you can do under your floor. This is especially true for those using machinery and storage equipment.

c) Improved operational efficiencies

It is not uncommon for businesses in Melbourne to store stock at a few different sites. Consolidating stock within the one area can greatly improve operational efficiencies. This is especially true when you consider the costs and time to transfer stock to the site picking, packing, and despatching orders.

d) Enhance the look and utility of your site

Mezzanine floors are an impressive addition to your Melbourne warehouse, breaking up large expanses of concrete floor. They create a more interesting work environment for staff due to greater definition of different purposed areas. Furthermore, separate, and well-defined break-out and lunch areas help staff to take more relaxing breaks.

2. Attributes

  • Custom mezzanines, designed to suit the unique characteristics of your Melbourne warehouse
  • You can nominate the top of floor height, spans, column locations, and clear heights
  • May be designed for either light, medium, or heavy loads applied to your floor
  • Fabricated locally using high-quality Australian steels with superior strength
  • Includes engineering certification
  • Designed and built to rigorous Australian standards
  • We can provide a set of stairs, ladders, balustrades, pallet gates, and bollards

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