Space Rescue like to be able to offer a large variety of 2nd Hand Pallet Racking in most of the major brands. This includes Dexion, Colby, Schaefer and APC. We take pride in what we sell and hence source only good condition used Pallet Racking frames and beams.

1. Second Hand Pallet Racking End Frames

Blue coloured Used Pallet Racking End Frames in assembled form and stacked on top of one aother.

a) Brief description

In component form, a frame consists of two vertical uprights (or posts) joined by horizontal and diagonal cross bracing). The bottom of the uprights are fitted with base-plates (or feet) to help distribute the frame load down on to the concrete floor and as well as providing a means of anchoring to it.

b) Heights of End Frames

  • 914mm high … for workbenches
  • 1829mm high
  • 2133mm high
  • 2438mm high
  • 3048mm high
  • 3658mm high
  • 4267mm high
  • 4877mm high
  • 5486mm high
  • 5791mm high
  • 6096mm high
  • 6704mm high
  • 7315mm high

Note: Taller pallet racking end frame heights are achieved through splicing posts together.

c) Widths of End Frames

  • 609mm
  • 838mm … most common
  • 1219mm

2. Second Hand Pallet Racking Beams

Orange coloured Used Pallet Racking Beams stacked in packs on top of one aother.

a) What are Pallet Racking Beams

Pallet Racking Beams are the horizontal steel sections that support pallets, mesh decks or shelves. They are typically orange in colour.

b) Lengths of Beams

The most common sizes of used beams available are 2591mm (or 8.5′) and 2743mm (or 9′) clear entry. The term ‘clear entry’ refers to the clear available space for storage between frames (or posts). Here is a list of the standard sizes.

  • 1372mm long
  • 1524mm long
  • 1829mm long
  • 2133mm long
  • 2438mm long
  • 2591mm long
  • 2743mm long
  • 3048mm long
  • 3350mm long
  • 3658mm long
  • 3810mm long
  • 4267mm long

c) Profile Heights of Beams

The profile height is a measure of the height of the section. They are typically rectangular in shape and range in height from 50mm to 140mm.

d) More information

The ends of the beams are referred to as the end connectors whilst the steel piece joining them is called the beam section. End connectors are generally welded to the beam section. Beam sections come in a variety of profiles including ‘Box’, “I’ (similar to RSJ’s) and ‘Open’ (upside down U section that is open at the bottom). Their height generally ranges from 40mm up to 150mm.

A number of factors influence the safe load carrying capacity of the beam including end connector size and effectiveness (also known as fixity which is a measure of rotation), the size and shape of the beam profile and the grades of steel used within the beam itself.

3. New Pallet Racking

For more information, please refer to our new Pallet Racking range or our 2nd Hand Metal Shelving range within our Storage products section.

4. Availability

Space Rescue has second hand Pallet Racking for sale across Australia. Please check with us for availability as our stock levels fluctuate quite dramatically at times.

5. Condition

We are quite particular with our stock and as a result only like to offer used Pallet Racking in good condition.