1. What is a Compactus Unit?

A compactus unit is a complete mobile shelving system, consisting of a fixed quantity of R.U.T. (rolled upright type) shelving bays that run along tracks. Another common term for this style of shelving is compactus shelving. Interestingly, the word compactus is an adjective that means both compact and joined together. This is a good description for this system as these mobile shelving bays are confined to move on the same pair of tracks. Furthermore, the reduction of aisle spaces to just one, when compared to the same number of bays in a static shelving system; saves a great deal of space. Space Rescue have compactus shelving units available for sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth; for both office and warehouse applications.

This is a picture of a six bay Compactus Unit with light grey colouring.

2. What is a bay?

A compactus bay is similar to a bookcase. It refers to collection of shelves housed between two uprights (or side frames). There are a number of definitions surrounding the types of bays found in a compactus unit. These are as follows.

Single-sided and Double-sided bays

A single-sided bay refers to one bay on its own. As they have a backing sheet, the shelving contents may only be accessed from one side. Single-sided bays are typically found at the ends of a compactus. They close up the unit quite nicely so that no exposed shelves are visible nor any contents may be accessed.

Double-sided bays refer to two bays that are joined back-to-back. They use a common backing sheet and each bays uprights are joined together through the back. Double-sided bays are typically found in the middle of a compactus.

Static and Mobile bays

A static-bay is a bay that is fixed in place to the track. Typically, only one is used per unit and they are typically located at the very end of the unit. They have two different purposes. Firstly, they serve as an end to which the mobile bays may be locked up to. The second use is a safety feature. If an end of the compactus is near a trafficable area, it is wise to use a static bay to cover the ends of the track in this location. The reason for this is that this bay removes a potential trip hazard from having exposed tracks on the ground.

Mobile-bays refer to those bays that may be moved along the track. The very end single-sided mobile-bay may be fitted with a lock that holds it position on the track. This locked position is when all the bays are at one end of the track so that access to all storage shelves is removed.

3. Compactus Dimensions

A huge array of compactus sizes are available by varying the dimensions of length, height and width.

The overall length of a compactus is ultimately set by the track length. There is no restriction in the length of these units. From a practical point of view, it is wise to take in to account how frequently you will be accessing the contents. To get an idea, the length of a 4 bay unit using 400mm deep shelves and a 700mm clear aisle is around 2.6 metres.

The overall height may be calculated by adding the individual heights of the shelving, the runner and the track profile together. Common heights using our standard range are 1950mm, 2250mm and 2450mm. Custom heights from 1 metre up to over 3 metres are also available. This is achieved by varying the shelving height.

The overall width of the compactus is calculated by taking in to account the handle or drive-wheel depth, the shelf width and the track overhang. The only variable here is the shelf width. Four shelf width options are available and they are 750mm, 900mm, 1000mm, and 1200mm. Wider units are also available by joining shelving bays side-to-side to create a tandem unit. For example, 2100mm width of shelving may be created by joining together a 900mm and 1200mm shelving bays.

4. Parts

Uprights (or side frames) are the steel barriers at the sides of the shelves. They come with a series of holes that are used to support the shelves and help in bolting the unit together.

Drive-handles provides a user friendly and comfortable feature to grab when moving bays.

Drive-wheels enables almost effortless movement of the mobile bays.

5. Accessories for Compactus Units

There are a variety of accessories that may be incorporated to improve the aesthetics and functionality of these shelving units.

Pull-Out Drawers provide a handy drawer feature for storing small items for example. They are accessible from within the open aisle.

Pull-Out Reference Shelves provide a handy location to place something on in the open rather than within confines of a bay footprint. They are often used as a handy aide to quickly review documents on rather than having to exit the unit and return to a desk.

Pull-Out File Frames are sometimes used when moving files from a filing cabinet. These frames enable the storage of suspended files.

Dress Panels may be used to improve the aesthetics of your unit. These panels are typically placed on the front side of a unit to conceal the perforated uprights fitted with shelf clips.

Parts Bins are available for the organised storage of small parts. An array of bins are available to suit the four different shelf depths. They come with dividers that may placed in several different locations. In addition, they may be labelled.

6. Are the shelves adjustible?

Yes, the internal shelves are supported by shelf clips and may be moved up or down on a 25mm pitch. This enables the spacing between shelves to be adjusted so the optimal clear height can be set for different items stored.

On the other hand, the very top and bottom shelves are fixed in position by nut and bolt. They assist in providing strength and rigidity to the bay.

7. Availability

Space Rescue has the ability to supply compactus shelving for sale to any location within Australia. Installation is also an option within our capital cities and a large number of regional locations. Collection is also available for those wishing to perform the installation themselves with the aid of our assembly manual.

8. Other Products

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