Save yourself time, move lots of things in less trips.
More energy for you if you don’t carry it yourself.
Space Rescue has a very large range of high quality trolleys!

Our most popular …

1. Utility

Silver two tier Trolley with push handle◾ Non-slip decks
◾ Option for Clip Board attached to handle
◾ Option for Parts Tray attached to handle

2. Platform

◾ Single, robust platform deck units are available with 6 or 4 wheels
◾ Deck sizes of 900mm x 450mm, 900mm x 600mm or 1200mm x 600mm
◾ Deck options include … poly coated flat deck (pictured), steel tube or steel decks with anti-slip patches. 
◾ Capacity of 450 kg

3. Warehouse

This all-steel construction style may be supplied with either two or three shelves and are fitted with large heavy-duty castor wheels for ease of maneuverability. The shelves may be inverted to create a safety lip, fitted with a rubber mat and/or fitted with a clipboard.

4. Order Picking (Two Tier)

Various bin sizes and options available including writing top as shown.                

5. Order Picking (Single Tier)

Option for either one, two (as shown) or four bins on a single level. A writing top may be included if required                

6. Multi-Tier

◾ Deck Sizes (mm): 510 x 510, 810 x 510, 1110 x 510, 1110 x 610, 1110 x 710
◾ Storage Levels: choice of 2, 3, 4 or 5 tiers
◾ Overall Height: either 900mm or 1400mm
◾ Finishes: Powder-coated, Galvanised or Stainless Steel

7. Goods

◾ Easy access for loading and unloading … fitted with 270 degree opening and lockable gates
◾ This unit is very versatile and has a variety of uses
◾ 1700mm high with 2 storage levels
◾ Four high quality castors, easy to move
◾ It is collapsible and easily able to be stored away

8. Security

The unique Security Cage style allows you to store and move costly items with safety and security. Heavy duty close mesh panels secure the sides and back. Doors are pry resistant and can be padlocked.

Overall Dimensions:
Height … 1800mm (excluding 125mm diameter castors)
Length … Add 50mm to length of shelf (please refer below)
Depth … Add 50mm to width of shelf (please refer below)

Shelf Sizes:
Length … 900mm, 1050mm, 1200mm or 1350mm
Width … 450mm or 600mm
Finishes: Choice of Zinc Plated, Stainless Steel or ABS Plastic (shelves only)

9. Small Parts

◾ Choice of 5 different sizes of bins
◾ Bins simply clip on to louvres … easy to remove and re-clip
◾ Other hanging items including hooks and other tools are available
◾ Swivel castors fitted with brakes

And here is (most) of our range …

A.  DECK range

Assortment of Deck Trolleys

B.  BIN range

Variety of Bin Trolleys

C.  CAGE range

Range of Cage Trolleys

D.  OTHERS in our range

Variety of other Trolley styles

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