Steel Cabinets

Steel Cabinets are typically used for storing items in a secure manner. There are a variety of options depending upon the usage, the type of space available, visbility required and the products to be stored.

1. Security Cage Steel Cabinets

Silver coloured Security Cage Steel Cabinet with one door open.
Security Cage Cabinet

2. Stationery Cupboards

Light grey Steel Stationery Cabinet with doors closed
Stationery Cupboards

3. Lockable Steel Mesh Cupboard

Yellow coloured doors on closed Lockable Steel Mesh Cupboard
Lockable Mesh Cabinet

4. Flammable Storage Cabinets

Bright yellow Flammable Storage Cabinet with closed doors.
Flammable Storage Cabinets

For the storage of flammable goods. We have a variety of sizes available … 100 Litre, 160 Litre, 250 Litre, 350 Litre and 450 Litre.

5. Tambour Door

Three sizes of white Tambour Door Steel Cabinets standing beside one another.
Tambour Door Cabinets

These stylish units have slat doors that recede into the sides. They are lockable and are very hard to break into.

6. Tool Cabinets

Often mobile, these provide a working surface and are a convenient means of storing and securing tools of  trade. Also known as Toolcabs.

7. Lockers

Please refer to our Locker page for more information.

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