Pallet Cages

… are designed for the safe storage of loose or packaged goods. They may be simply moved by Pallet Jack or Forklift, stacked on top of one another to save floor space, conveniently stored in Pallet Racking and easily provide access to goods by opening or removing sides.

Pallet Cage open front drop down side and rear swing door

1. Description

This style of transportable cage consists of Zinc-plated durable steel side panels that are mounted on to a timber pallet.

We typically supply in un-assembled, flat packed form complete with or without standard hardwood pallet to save on shipping costs. These units are easily assembled.

2. Sizes

a) 1165mm W x 1165mm D x 800mm H … Full Height
b) 1165mm W x 1165mm D x 400mm H … Half Height

3. Types & Features

a) Stackable
We have two options that are stackable up to 4 high when empty and 2 high when loaded.

b) Opening Sides
There are two options with either a drop down front or with front and rear sides that are designed to swing outwards for easy access to goods within the cage, even when stacked.

c) Removable Sides
We have two options with front and rear sides that may be completely removed whilst still maintaining stackable functionality.

d) With or without Pallet
We can either supply the standard 1165 x 1165mm Australian hardwood Pallet or we can simply provide the upper wire mesh sides on their own for fixing down on to your own pallet of the aforementioned size and type.

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